Planning For The Unexpected

Ferguson Martens & AssociatesLife Insurance

Nobody thought the Titanic would sink, but they still had lifeboats (albeit – not enough of them).

Although we never anticipate disaster, a contingency plan should be in place to ensure the continued lifestyles of our loved ones in the event of our early demise.

This type of insurance provides funds for:

  • Payout of loans and mortgages
  • Ongoing family income/childcare/education
  • Orderly business succession – buy/sell funding
  • Key person cover/business loan guarantor cover

Ferguson Martens & AssociatesTotal & Permanent Disability

Consider what would happen to your income and the impact it will have on your lifestyle, should you become totally and permanently disabled.

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance will provide funds for:

  • Debt cancellation
  • Family Income
  • Children’s Education
  • Carer Funding
  • Business buy-sell and key person covers

Ferguson Martens & AssociatesIncome Protection

Is your most valuable asset protected?

If the Breadwinner in your home is unable to earn due to illness or injury, how would you pay the bills?

Replaces lost income – usually 75% of salary – should you be unable to work due to illness or injury. It provides an ongoing monthly benefit up to age 65.

Ferguson Martens & AssociatesTrauma Insurance

Medical miracles are performed every day… The surgeon may have saved your life, but what will stop  the bank from selling your family home?

Trauma Insurance provides funds for when a person suffers a serious or life threatening condition e.g. heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes, paralysis and many more.

These funds can then be used for:

  • Emergencies – prosthetic devices, car and home modifications, excess medical costs, rehabilitation costs, day to day living expenses
  • Paying out loans and other debts
  • Key person business insurance

Ferguson Martens & AssociatesBusiness Expense Insurance

If the key people in your business suffer a similar fate, would your business survive?

Allows self-employed persons to cover their business expenses and provides:

  • A monthly benefit covering up to 100%

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